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      Our company focuses on investment in science and technology and technological innovation, successively establishes production and research cooperation with Tianjin University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Changzhou University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry, Nanjing University of Technology; moreover, we own an expert workstation of national Thousand Talents Program , Jiangsu postdoctoral workstations, Jiangsu Provincial oil ester rapid esterification and comprehensive utilization of engineering and technology research center, Jiangsu Province Enterprise Technology Center, National Torch Project plans non-metallic materials industry base. Our company is the industrialization base of units R & D results of college and scientific research units, and the social practice base of college students.

    The research and development cooperation between our company and upstream important suppliers on products and technology:
    1, The research and development cooperation between our company and Sinopec Jinling Company
    The use of Jinling company's hydrogenated white oil development of a number of products, access to a number of patents, and a number of provincial-level identified new products, the use of hydrogenated oil development of the series of products, instead of imports, and access to China Petroleum and Chemical Federation of scientific and technological progress third prize.
    2, The research and development cooperation between our company and Afton Chemical Corporation
    Afton Chemical Corporation is the world's top ten suppliers of lubricating oil additives, Our company in the development of high-end lubricants into the high-end market to replace imports of cooperation continue to be effective.
    3, The research and development cooperation between our company and CNOOC Huizhou Petrochemical Company on Class II Lubricant Base Oil
    CNOOC Huizhou Petrochemical Company's second base oil is one of the best lubricants base oils. Our company and Huizhou have cooperated with products and technologies to utilize the second class of industrial lubricants and automotive lubricants. Into the high-end market.

    The research and development cooperation between our company and large end-users:
    Baosteel Group:The use of metallurgical lubricants to replace the development of imported products, and the application of equipment in the cooperation for Our company's metallurgical oil instead of well-known varieties of imported varieties to provide a basis for quality and application basis.
    Xugong Group:work with Xugong Group Research Institute, make technical cooperation on the development and application of lubricants products of engineering machinery.
    Second auto factory Nantong company:work with the second steam technical staff,Afton Chemical Corporation, Professor Huang Guoliang on the research and development and application of gas engine oil, dual fuel engine oil .





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