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      Our company focuses on investment in science and technology and technological innovation, successively establishes production and research cooperation with Tianjin University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Changzhou University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry, Nanjing University of Technology; moreover, we own an expert workstation of national Thousand Talents Program , Jiangsu postdoctoral workstations, Jiangsu Provincial oil ester rapid esterification and comprehensive utilization of engineering and technology research center, Jiangsu Province Enterprise Technology Center, National Torch Project plans non-metallic materials industry base. Our company is the industrialization base of units R & D results of college and scientific research units, and the social practice base of college students.

    Within the company and industry, a senior expert of cooperation:
    Huangguoliang: former vice director of China ripp lubricating oil chamber, 75, 85, gear oil project team leader. With the company's high-end lubricant products development and into the high-end market.
    Pangjinming:tianjin university, and special oil products and technology cooperation.
    Chengxunle:university of Chicago chemistry doctor of science, American celanese company (Forbes 500) as a scientist, China's one thousand people planning experts, synthetic lubricating oil and lubricating oil development.
    Renqinggong:Dr, south China university of technology, with the company for biological research and development of lubricating oil products.

    Companies and colleges and universities cooperation between:
    Tianjin university: precise fractionation of special oil production and process of technical cooperation, won third prize in petroleum and chemical industry federation scientific and technological progress.
    Changzhou university: synthetic lubricating oil, biological oil product research and development technology cooperation, provincial major scientific and technological achievements transformation project cooperation.
    Nanjing university of technology:biological plasticizer product development and technical cooperation.
    Huazhong university of science and technology: nanometer lubricating oil additive application technology cooperation.
    Sun yat-sen university:biological ink solvent product development cooperation.
    The Chinese academy of sciences:chengdu institute of organic: bear the national torch plan project cooperation.





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