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    Our company occupies more than 300 acres, with large development space (water, electricity, gas, heat, oil depots, terminals and other land area and infrastructure), unique geographical advantages and production and management environment. We warmly welcome and invite domestic and foreign well-known brand of lubricants for joint venture or OEM production; We warmly welcome and invite colleges and universities, scientific research units, experts, professors for cooperative development on technology, products and projects; All kinds of talents are welcomes to Gaoke for business estyablishment and innovative development. Gaoke is willing to provide a better development platform for all partners, and sincerelycooperate with you to create a brilliant future.


    There are fully automatic central controlled reconciliation device in our company to produce general lubricants, we also own sophisticated fraction cutting, esterification, dewaxing, additional refined and other professional advanced production equipment and process technology (we have a number of patents) to meet the specialized and personalized requirements of user on products; through producing more sub-varieties, we work hard for creating our partners and users more and more values.








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