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    High-tech brand lubricant was "lubricating oil industry's most influential national brand of the year" award

    On April 18, 2013, by China lubricant information network, lubricating oil market magazine launched a host, Shanghai yi trade special cooperation "(2013), China's oil industry overall list of the year" selection activities, grand prize-giving ceremony is held in sanya, hainan, from the national each big brand lubricating oil, base oil additive manufacturers, lubricating oil distributor, user representatives and industry association, specialists and the media, etc. More than 300 Chinese and foreign guests gathered, this is China's largest since the beginning of the year a lubricating oil industry event.

    The selection with "innovation, brand, power and responsibility" for the purpose, to eligible enterprises 136, participate in the public vote 28000 people online, through the industry public online voting list of the organizing committee of experts, professional market research and judgement strict review

    Time: 2018-03-12



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