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    Handong VI synthetic long-life diesel engine oil

    Product description:

    ① CK-4 long-life diesel engine oil is a new generation of high-grade synthetic diesel engine oil with 100% synthetic base oil blended with internationally advanced additives.

    ② Excellent oxidation stability, at high temperatures, can resist the attack of the oxidation of molecular decomposition, reduce the rate of oil thickening, effectively reduce engine carbon deposition.

    ③ Excellent anti-wear lubricity, reduce engine wear, can produce higher efficiency and lower oil temperature, direct performance is to provide good fuel economy.

    ④ Excellent low temperature performance, low pour point, low temperature fluidity, to prevent the oil at low temperature thick, thus reducing engine wear, especially at the limit temperature.

    ⑤ Excellent viscosity-temperature performance, can prevent over-thick at low temperature and high temperature at too thin, reduce engine wear.

    ⑥ Excellent evaporation loss, prolong oil change period, low evaporation, reduce oil consumption, ensure long life of oil and save oil cost.

    ⑦ Safety and environmental protection, to meet the more stringent emission standards.


    Suitable for use in engines requiring API CK-4 and below, the product complies with API CK-4 quality standards of the American Petroleum Institute and ACEA E7-12 / E9-12, Ford WSS-W2C17-F1, Cummins CES20086, Renault VI RLD -4, MAN / MAN 3275/3575, Mercedes-Benz MB 228.31, MTU2.1, Volvo VDS-4.5, Mark EOS-4.5, CAT CATF-3 and other specifications.






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