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    Super (high pressure) anti-wear hydraulic oil

    Super (high pressure) anti-wear hydraulic oil(35mp)

    Product description:

    ① This product is made of imported refined base oil and imported compound additive.

    ② Outstanding anti-wear performance, through a variety of hydraulic pump test, effectively extend the pump and system operating life.

    ③ Excellent filtration, to minimize filter clogging.

    ④ Excellent oxidation stability, longer oil life.

    ⑤ Excellent rubber adaptability, effective protection of sealing materials, to prevent leakage.

    ⑥ Good water separation performance, quick separation of oil and water, to avoid oil emulsification.

    ⑦ Good air release and anti-foam properties.

    ⑧ Good viscosity-temperature performance and good shear stability, providing effective lubrication protection at high temperature.


    ① Especially recommended large and medium-sized construction machinery vehicles and equipment used, such as excavators, cranes, loaders, etc., for Xugong Haragong Liugong III - Heavy Industries Carter Hyundai and other brands of construction machinery and equipment vehicles.

    ② This product is suitable for low, medium and high hydraulic system of hydraulic equipment in engineering, construction, mining, metallurgy, plastic processing, etc. It is especially suitable for imported equipment hydraulic system with high speed, high pressure and oil cleanliness requirements.

    ③ The products meet the technical specifications of GB11118.1-2011 (high pressure), ISO11158 (L-HM high pressure), Parker-Denison HF-0, eATON-Vickers, Cincinnati P68, P70 and P69.

    ④ Executive Standard: GB11118.1-2011






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