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    USA imported series 02

    API SM
    SAE 0W-40 5W-40 15W40 10W40

    Properties of product:

    ①This product adopts the synthetic base oil to blend with the American original import multi-performance compound additives.
    ②Excellent cleaning dispersibility, effectively clean the oil sludge and carbon in the engine, keep the engine clean.
    ③Excellent fuel economy, less oil volatilization and consumption in high temperature, prolonged oil change cycle.
    ④Excellent high temperature characteristics, excellent anti-wear protection performance of engine, excellent protection for engine low temperature start, effectively prolong engine service life.
    ⑤Enhance engine power output, save fuel.

    Scope of application:

    ①It is suitable for luxury cars made by the world's major carmakers, such as mercedes-benz s-class, BMW 7 series, ferrari, porsche, audi, Honda, Toyota, etc. It is also applicable to all other advanced vehicles using turbocharged engines or natural aspirating engines.

    Product standard:

    ①The products comply with API SM, international lubricating oil standards and approval committee ILSAC gf-5, Japan automotive standards organization JASO, European automobile manufacturers association ACEA A3/B3 A3/B4 and other specifications.
    ②Executive standard:GB11121-2006




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